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Wang, C., Li, L., Chi, S., Zhu, Z., Ren, Z., Li, Y., Wang, Y. T., Lin, X., Luo, Y., Jiang, S., Xu, X., Cao, G. & Xu, Z. (2008). Thorium-doping-induced superconductivity up to 56 K in Gd1-xThxFeAsO. Europhysics Letters: a letters journal exploring the frontiers of physics, 83 (6), 67006-p1-67006-p4.


We report a new strategy to induce superconductivity in iron-based oxyarsenide. Instead of F - substitution for O 2-, we employed Th 4+ doping in GdFeAsO with the consideration of "lattice match" between Gd 2O 2 layers and Fe 2As 2 ones. As a result, superconductivity with T c onset as high as 56 K was realized in a Gd 0.8Th 0.2FeAsO polycrystalline sample. This T c value is among the highest ever discovered in the iron-based oxypnictides.

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