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Wang, C., Li, Y. K., Zhu, Z. W., Jiang, S., Lin, X., Luo, Y. K., Chi, S., Li, L. J., Ren, Z., He, M., Chen, H., Wang, Y. T., Tao, Q., Cao, G. H. & Xu, Z. A. (2009). Effects of cobalt doping and phase diagrams of LFe1-xCox AsO (L=La and Sm). Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 79 (5),


The superconducting phase diagrams have been established by the measurements of electrical resistivity, magnetic susceptibility, and thermopower in cobalt-doped LFeAsO (L=La and Sm) systems. It is shown that the antiferromagnetic spin-density-wave order in the parent compounds is rapidly suppressed by Co doping, and superconductivity emerges at x=0.025 and 0.05 in LaFe1−xCoxAsO and SmFe1−xCoxAsO, respectively. The Tc(x) curves of both systems are domelike, with a maximum Tc of 13 K at x=0.075 in LaFe1−xCoxAsO and 17.2 K at x=0.1 in SmFe1−xCoxAsO. Thermopower measurement shows dominant electron-type transport for the Co-doped samples, in accordance with itinerant character of Co 3d electrons. We found a close correlation between Tc and the abnormally enhanced part of normal-state thermopower. The occurrence of superconductivity via the Fe-site doping in the iron-based oxyarsenide contrasts sharply with the destruction of superconductivity by the Cu-site (within CuO2 planes) doping in high-temperature superconducting cuprates.

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