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Wang, C., Jiang, S., Tao, Q., Ren, Z., Li, Y., Li, L., Feng, C., Dai, J., Cao, G. & Xu, Z. (2009). Superconductivity in LaFeAs1-xPxO: effect of chemical pressures and bond covalency. Europhysics Letters: a letters journal exploring the frontiers of physics, 86 (4), 47002-p1-47002-p5.


We report the realization of superconductivity by an isovalent doping with phosphorus in LaFeAsO. X-ray diffraction shows that, with the partial substitution of P for As, the Fe2As2 layers are squeezed while the La2O2 layers are stretched along the c-axis. Electrical resistance and magnetization measurements show emergence of bulk superconductivity at ∼ 10K for the optimally doped LaFeAs1−xPxO (x=0.25–0.3). The upper critical field at zero temperature is estimated to be 27T, much higher than that of the LaFePO superconductor. The occurrence of superconductivity is discussed in terms of chemical pressures and bond covalency

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