Preparing mining engineers for the e-world



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Baafi, E. Y. & Boyd, M. (2003). Preparing mining engineers for the e-world. In R. Singhal, K. Fytas & C. Chiwetelu (Eds.), Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Computer Applications in the Minerals Industries (CAMI 2003) Alberta, Canada (pp. 1-8). Canada: IJSM.


The University of Wollongong was named University of the Year 2000, for its work in preparing students for the e-world. Computer facilitated learning is being introduced into subjects throughout the engineering course. First year mining engineering students are introduced to computers, ecommunication, using the University's web based information system, and web based subject delivery. Mining engineering students in the mid-years of the course use MATLAB programming languages and numerical computation software, while students in the final years use a range of commercially available prcfessional engineering software such as TALPAC. Most of these subjects are offered as part of the University's Learning Online program, co-ordinated by its Centre for Educational Development and Interactive Resources (CEDIR). Learning Online subjects are relivered using the Web Course Tools (WebCT) environment. WebCT allows all resources to be accessed through the web, allows email communication between lecturer and student, and allows discussion groups for the exchange of ideas. Students can submit their assignments through WebCT and receive immediate feedback.

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