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Aziz, N. & Webb, B. (2003). Study of load transfer capacity of bolts using short encapsulation push test. In S. S. Peng, C. Mark, A. W.. Khair & k. Heasley (Eds.), Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Ground Control in Mining, Morgantown, USA (pp. 203-207). USA: US Mine Safety and Health Administration.


A series of laboratory experiments were conducted on a variety of bolt types to examme the load transfer capacities of dIfferent profiled bolts in short encapsulatIon push testmg. A 75 mm section of 150 mm long bolt specimen was anchored in a 75 mm long stainless steel tube using full resin encapsulation. Six types of different profiled bolts and two non - profiled bolts were tested. Bolts with higher profile were in general found to have greater shearing resistance and higher stiffness than low profile bolts. Widely spaced profiles allowed greater displacement at peak shear strength, and bolts with no profiles produced very little load transfer capability. Rough surfaced plain bolts showed a significant load transfer capability in comparison to a factory supplied smooth surface bolt which supports the belief that rusted bolts have higher load transfer capability that un-rusted bolt surfaces.

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