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Wang, J.L., Campbell, S.J., Hofmann, M., Hoelzel, M., Zeng, R., Dou, S.Xue.& Kennedy, S.J.(2012).Structural properties and magnetic phase transition in HoNi2Mn (57Fe).Journal of Applied Physics, 111 (7), 07E334-1-07E334-3.


"The structural and magnetic properties of HoNi2Mn (57Fe) have been investigated.The Fe-57-doped HoNi2Mn compound crystallizes in the MgCu2-type structure with Fd-3m space group similar to HoNi2 and HoMn2.HoNi2Mn (57Fe) exhibits ferrimagnetic ordering below a Curie temperature of T-C similar to 60 K-significantly higher than the corresponding values for HoNi2 (T-C - 15 K) and HoMn2 (T-C 24 K)-with analyses of dc magnetization and ac susceptibility results confirming that the magnetic transition at T-C is second order.The Mossbauer spectra above T-C are described well by two sub-spectra representing the 8a and 16d sites while below T-C the spectra have been fitted using a site model comprising three sub-spectra.The Debye temperature, theta(D) - 190(20) K, has been determined.

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