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Nguyen, H. Trang., Zhao, W. & Yang, J. (2010). A trust and reputation model based on bayesian network for web services. The 8th International Conference on Web Services (pp. 251-258). IEEE.


Trust and reputation for web services emerges as an important research issue in web service selection. Current web service trust models either do not integrate different important sources of trust (subjective and objective for example), or do not focus on satisfying different user’s requirements about different quality of service (QoS) attributes such as performance, availability etc. In this paper, we propose a Bayesian network trust and reputation model for web services that can overcome such limitations by considering several factors when assessing web services’ trust: direct opinion from the truster, user rating (subjective view) and QoS monitoring information (objective view). Our comprehensive approach also addresses the problems of users’ preferences and multiple QoSbased trust by specifying different conditions for the Bayesian network and targets at building a reasonable credibility model for the raters of web services.

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