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Wang, Y., Yang, J. & Zhao, W. (2011). A change analysis tool for service-based business processes. International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (pp. 336-337).


Change management is critical and challenging in the context of service-oriented computing paradigm when multiple services are supported by a single business process [1]. The complex dependencies between services and business processes have not been carefully investigated in the existing work. In particular, it is still lacking of an effective tool to support change impact analysis for coupled services and business processes. In this demo, we present a tool: Service Change Analyzer (SCA) for enabling impact analysis when a change happens. The SCA is built up based on our previous work for change analysis, in which a service-oriented business process model is developed, types of changes associated with services and business processes are identified, and a set of change impact patterns for capturing change effect are specified [2]. The SCA accepts service changes as its input and it can give the detailed analyzed results for the change impact scope and provide suggestions for possible change impact patterns. This tool provides developers a standard practice to change the complicated change management tasks into a series of simple standard procedures. With the help of the tool SCA, the time and cost of change management tasks can be dramatically reduced.

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