Characteristic analysis of hydraulic hybrid vehicle based on limit cycle



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Chen, Y., Liu, S., Shang, T. & Zhang, Y. (2012). Characteristic analysis of hydraulic hybrid vehicle based on limit cycle. Science China Technological Sciences, 55 (4), 1031-1036.


The theory of limit cycles was applied to hydraulic hybrid vehicle (HHV) to analyze the dynamic characteristics of the system. The exact mathematical models based on configuration diagram of HHV were built to study on equilibrium points, nonexistence of limit cycle and stability of equilibrium points. The analysis showed that if the Young’s modulus of fluid is neglected, the equilibrium points of the system will be distributed on both sides of the initial function. In addition, there is a unique equilibrium point according to the practical signification of the system parameters. The nonexistence analysis showed that there is no limit cycle for the system, no matter how the viscosity coefficient B changes. The stability analysis of equilibrium points showed that the system is asymptotically stable about the equilibrium point at B⩾0 and the equilibrium point is the center point of the system at B=0. Finally, the phase diagrams of global topological structure of HHV system were entirely described according to qualitative analysis of the singular points at infinity.

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