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Kang, Y., Park, M., Liu, H. K. & Dou, S. Xue. (2010). Comparison between nanostructure control and other modifications to improve the electrochemical performance of SnO2. 239th ACS National Meeting and Exposition (p. 1).


With an advent of the ubiquitous era, the demand for rechargeable batteries with a higher energy density is getting more and more critical. It is because applications are emerging such as electric vehicles and various types of portable electronic devices. Carbonaceous materials are commonly adopted as the anode material for commercial lithium-ion secondary batteries because it can reversibly intercalate or de-intercalate Li ion. However, low capacity of carbon has become a limiting factor in wider applications, and high capacity alternative to carbonaceous material has thus been sought for. Even if tin and silicon have been considered as one of the most attractive options for high energy density purpose, its poor cyclic properties have been delaying its commercialization.

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