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Babu, S. S., Vitek, J. M., David, S. A. & Murugananth, M. (2006). Thermomechanical behavior of nickel base single crystal superalloy towards understanding of weld hot cracking. In S. David, T. DebRoy, J. Lippold, H. Smartt & J. Vitek (Eds.), Trends in Welding Research: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference (pp. 339-344). USA: ASM International.


"Thermomechanical responses of three single crystal superalloys were measured in between 600 and 1200 degrees C using a thermomechanical simulator. On-heating results showed no softening while testing below 1000 degrees C. In contrast, extensive softening was observed while testing above 1000 degrees C. This rapid softening is related to dissolution of gamma' precipitates. During on-cooling tests from 1300 degrees C, strength recovery of these samples occurred only below 900 degrees C. The delay in strength recovery is attributed to the extent of undercooling required for rapid decomposition of the gamma phase into mixture of gamma and gamma' phases."

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