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Cougnet, C., Crosby, N., Foullon, C., Heynderickx, D., Eckersley, S., Guarnieri, V., Lobascio, C., Masiello, S., Parodi, P., Perino, M. A., Rampini, R., Guatelli, S., Pia, M. G., Holmes-Siedle, A., Nieminen, P., Parisi, G., Tamburini, V., Spillantini, P. & Tracino, E. (2005). Radiation exposure and mission strategies for interplanetary manned missions. Earth, Moon and Planets, 94 279-285.


Cosmic radiation is an important problem for human interplanetary missions. The ‘‘Radiation Exposure and Mission Strategies for Interplanetary Manned Missions–REMSIM’’ study is summarised here. They are related to current strategies and countermeasures to ensure the protection of astronauts from radiation during interplanetary missions, with specific reference to: radiation environment and its variability; radiation effects on the crew; transfer trajectories and associated fluences; vehicle and surface habitat concepts; passive and active shielding concepts; space weather monitoring and warning systems.

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