Active skin as new haptic interface



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Vuong, N. Huu Lam., Kwon, H. Yong., Chuc, N. Huu., Kim, D. Sang., Phuc, V., Koo, J., Lee, Y., Nam, J. Choi, H. R. (2010). Active skin as new haptic interface. Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (pp. 76422M-1-76422M-9).


In this paper, we present a new haptic interface, called "active skin", which is configured with a tactile sensor and a tactile stimulator in single haptic cell, and multiple haptic cells are embedded in a dielectric elastomer. The active skin generates a wide variety of haptic feel in response to the touch by synchronizing the sensor and the stimulator. In this paper, the design of the haptic cell is derived via iterative analysis and design procedures. A fabrication method dedicated to the proposed device is investigated and a controller to drive multiple haptic cells is developed. In addition, several experiments are performed to evaluate the performance of the active skin.

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