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This article was originally published as: Lerch, MLF, Ward, R, Simmonds, PE et al, Readout of LYSO using a new silicon photodetector for positron emission tomography, IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, 19-25 October 2003, vol 2, 1408-1412. Copyright IEEE 2003.


This article focuses on the characterisation of three versions of a custom designed silicon photodetector using nuclear spectroscopy techniques. Room temperature gamma ray spectroscopy experiments have been performed using an LYSO excited by /sup 137/Cs and /sup 22/Na sources and read out by the new photodiodes. We have measured an energy resolution of 13.1% FWHM for the 511 keV gamma rays from a /sup 22/Na source and 11.2% FWHM for the 662 keV gamma rays from a /sup 137/Cs source. This is one of the best ever-reported energy resolutions for a lutetium based scintillator crystal read out by a silicon photodetector.

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