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Nguyen, H., Park, J., Doan, V., Kim, H., Koo, J., Lee, Y., Nam, J. & Choi, H. R. (2007). Multi-stacked artificial muscle actuator based on synthetic elastomer. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (pp. 771-776).


In this paper, we present a new artificial muscle actuator for the robotic applications, called multi-stacked actuator. This actuator is made from a new material, named synthetic elastomer previously developed by ourselves. The synthetic elastomer displays enhanced performance in terms of electrical as well as mechanical properties, which can be adjusted depending on its applications. The actuator is composed of the synthetic elastomer sheet coated with compliant electrodes on the both sides, connecting disks, spring, and rigid frame. This novel design enables the actuator to generate the large strain as well as the large force. Experimental works are performed to evaluate the actuation performance and the effectiveness of the actuator is validated.

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