Advanced Analysis in Steel Frame Design



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Surovek, A. E., Alemdar, B., Camotim, D. R. Z., Hajjar, J. F., Teh, L., White, D. W. & Ziemian, R. D. (2012). Advanced Analysis in Steel Frame Design. Reston, Virginia: American Society of Civil Engineers.


The idea for a set of published fonnalized guidelines for the use of second-ord~r inelastic or "Advanced", analysis began in Structural Stability Research CounCil (SSRC) 'Task Group 29, Second-order Inelastic Analysis for Frame Design, chaired by Donald W. White. The task group published the report "Plastic Hinge Based Methods for Advanced Analysis and Design of Steel Frames" in 1993. The current effort is aimed at bringing the knowledge gained from the previous report and subsequent research efforts into a coherent set of guidelines that places Advanced Analysis in the context of the current AISC Specification while being general enough to adapt to other standards and to future editions of the AISC Speci~cation. !he guidelines are designed to provide a methodology for Advanced AnalYSIS that gl:,es the designer specific recommendations on rigor of analysis, ~inimum mode~mg requirements, consideration of limit states, serviceability and hve load reductIOn, while allowing latitude for the judgment of the design engineer.

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