A flexible fingertip tactile sensor



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Kim, D. Sang., Chuc, N. Huu., Jin, S. Moon., Nguyen, H. L V., An, K., Phuc, V. Hong., Koo, J., Lee, Y., Nam, J. & Choi, H. Ryeoi. (2010). A flexible fingertip tactile sensor. Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD) 2010


Tactile information is prerequisite for dexterous manipulation of objects with robots. In this paper a novel tactile sensor using dielectric elastomer is presented. The sensor is a capacitive type and it can be easily covered onto any curved surface due to the intrinsic flexibility of the dielectric elastomer. The practical design and fabrication of a tactile sensor for the robot fingertip are described in details in this paper. Also,a fingertip shaped tactile sensor with twelve tactile cells is developed. The sensor is mounted on a multi-fingered robot hand, called "SKKU Hand III", and its effectiveness is validated with experimental results.

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