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Rosenman, M. A., Smith, G., Ding, L., Marchant, D. & Maher, M. L. (2005). Multidisciplinary design in virtual worlds. Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures (pp. 433-442). CRC for Construction Innovation.


Large design projects, such as those in the AEC domain, involve collaboration among a number of design disciplines, often in separate locations. With the increase in CAD usage in design offices, there has been an increase in the interest in collaboration using the electronic medium, both synchronously and asynchronously. The use of a single shared database representing a single model of a building has been widely put forward but this paper argues that this does not take into account the different representations required by each discipline. This paper puts forward an environment which provides real-time multi-user collaboration in a 3D virtual world for designers in different locations. Agent technology is used to manage the different views, creation and modifications of objects in the 3D virtual world and the necessary relationships with the database(s) belonging to each discipline.

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