Numerical simulation of the static recrystalization at micro shear bands



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Yazdipour, N., Hodgson, P., Madej, L. & Rauch, L. (2008). Numerical simulation of the static recrystalization at micro shear bands. Materials Science and Technology Conference and Exhibition (pp. 832-843). Warrendale, Pa: Materials Science & Technology Conference.


The main aim of this work is application of the developed cellular automata (CA) model to investigate influence of the micro shear bands that are present in the heavily deformed material on the static recrystallization. This initial work is the results of recent experimental analyses indicating that the micro shear bands are preferred sites for nucleation of the recrystallization. The procedure of creation of the initial microstructure with features such as grains and micro shear bands as well as basis of the developed CA code for the static recrystallization are also presented in the paper. Finally, the simulation results obtained from different recrystallization temperatures for the microstructures with and without micro shear bands are compared with each other and differences are discussed.

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