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Yazdipour, N., Dehghan-Manshadi, A., Davies, C. H. J. & Hodgson, P. D. (2007). Simulation of dynamic recrystallization using irregular cellular automata. Materials Forum, 31 164-176.


Computer simulation is a powerful tool to predict microstructure and its evolution during dynamic recrystallization. Cellular Automata (CA), as one of the most efficient methods proposed to simulate recrystallization and grain growth. In this work, recrystallization and grain growth phenomena were modelled by using a two dimensional irregular CA method. Initial grain size, nuclei density and orientation of each grain were variables which have been used as entering data to the CA model. Final grain size, orientation of each grain, dislocation density and stress-strain curve were the results which have been resulted to validate the current model. Considering the model assumptions, it is shown that the CA can successfully simulate dynamic recrystallization.

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