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This conference paper was originally published as Hadi, MNS, Behaviour of Fibre RC Columns Wrapped with FRP under Eccentric Loads, Australasian Structural Engineering Conference (ASEC), Melbourne, Australia, 26 – 27 June 2008. Original conference information available here


This paper presents results of testing 16 specimens, 12 of which as columns under different eccentricities and four as beams under four point loading regime. All 16 specimens were circular in cross section and were made of reinforced concrete. Four specimens served as reference specimens and were just made of reinforced concrete. The next four had steel fibers added to the concrete. The next four specimens were wrapped with Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers. The final four specimens were reinforced with steel fibbers and wrapped with CFRP. From each group of specimens, one specimen was tested as a column under a concentric load, the second specimen was tested as a column under 25 mm eccentricity, the third specimen was tested as a column under 50 mm eccentricity, and the final specimen was tested as a beam under four point loading regime. For each group of specimens, interaction diagrams (see Figure 1) were drawn based on the experimental results and compared with theoretical estimation. The experimental programme proved that the introduction of fibbers as well as wrapping the specimens with FRP improve the properties of concrete, especially its ductility.

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