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This article was originally published as Wang, XL, Peleckis, G, Dou, SX, Liu, RS and Zhu, JG, Large positive magnetoresistance effect below Curie temperature in In1.90−xMn0.1SnxO3, Journal of Applied Physics, 101(9, Part 2), 2007, 109H121-1-09H121-3. Copyright American Institute of Physics 2007. Original journal article available here


We report on the magnetoresistance (MR) and magnetic properties of In1.90−xMn0.1SnxO3 (0≤x ≤0.06) oxide. All samples were found to be ferromagnetic below TC=46 K. Sn doping changed In1.90Mn0.1O3 from an insulator to a highly conducting phase at 300 K. A positive MR effect was observed over a wide temperature range just below TC. Calculated MR values reached a maximum of 20% at 5 K. A change in the MR effect, from positive to negative, occurred under magnetic field H>4 T at 5 K. The results of x-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopy indicated that Mn ions are present both as Mn2+ and Mn4+.

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