Study on bending conditions of plate in coil box



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Yu, X., Yang, Q., Jiang, Z. Yuan, H. (2011). Study on bending conditions of plate in coil box. Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Science), 16 (3), 324-328.


In a coil box between the roughing and finishing stands on a hot strip mill, a problem has been encountered that the entry region of the plate touches the bending rolls and deforms. As a result, the defective coil occurs. The condition of plate bending, which forms a new deformation feature in coiling, is analyzed. In this paper, the authors focus on the research of the effects of coiling parameters, such as the thickness of plate, roll speed and feeding speed of plate in coil box, and on specific plate bending. A finite element method is developed to simulate this coiling process. Based on numerical simulation, the effects of the coiling parameters on the mechanics and deformation of the bending plate are obtained. Numerical simulation tests have verified the validity of the developed model.

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