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Rujikiatkamjorn, C., Indraratna, B. Bergado, D. T. (2012). 3D numerical modelling of hexagonal wire mesh reinforced embankment on soft Bangkok clay. In R. D. Hryciw, A. Athanasopoulos-Zekkos N. Yesiller (Eds.), GeoCongress 2012 (pp. 2263-2272). California: American Society of Civil Engineering.


The numerical modeling of the full scale test embankment reinforced with hexagonal wire mesh was analyzed using finite difference method under three dimensional (3D) conditions to reflect the actual embankment dimensions. In the analysis, the 3D finite difference simulation using 5 times of vertical laboratory permeability can reasonably predict its behavior on soft foundation. In comparison with the field measurements, the predicted results from 3D analysis reasonably agreed with measured data including vertical settlement, excess pore pressures and lateral displacements. Thus, the actual embankment geometry and the selected permeability influenced the behavior of the reinforced embankment constructed on soft ground foundation. The simulated maximum tension lines in the reinforcements tend to follow the coherent gravity failure plane. The maximum tension at the bottom of the reinforced embankment occurred near midpoint portion away from the facing due to the settlement profile of the soft soil foundation.

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