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Hu, G., Long, M., Liang, J. & Li, W. (2012). Analysis of jet characteristics and structural optimization of a liquamatic fire water monitor with self-swinging mechanism. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 59 (5-8), 805-813.


This paper presents analysis and optimization of a liquamatic fire water monitor with a novel self-swinging mechanism. The design of the self-swinging mechanism has adopted a four-bar linkage driven by an impeller. The Fluent software was used to simulate the internal flow performance of the fire water monitor. In particular, the effects of the cross-sectional shape, diameters of the monitor body, inlet water pressure, and drive set of the self-swinging mechanism on the jet characteristics were analyzed. These analyses have led to optimal structural parameters of the flow channel. A prototype of the fire ware monitor was manufactured, and the field test was performed. Both simulation analyses and experimental results are expected to provide useful good guidance for the design of other types of fire water monitor.

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