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Novareza, O., Kosasih, P. B., Tieu, A. K. & Zhu, H. (2010). Effect of bulk temperature on the tribological performance of aqueous symmetric tri-block copolymers (PPO-PEO-PPO and PEO-PPO-PEO) based lubricant. International Tribology Congress ASIATRIB 2010 (pp. 1134-1134).


This work investigates the effect of bulk temperature and the tribological performance of a number of symmetric triblock copolymers on MSI020 commonly in metal forming. It is to determine the best bulk temperature for the lubricants in order to apply in metal fOlming application. The triblock polymers are temperature dependant'. The polymers can be compeletly dissolved in solution since of hydrogen bonding in certain temperature. As temperature increases, the bond is weakend and the polymer break from the water and form dispersion in the water

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