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Hamano, T., Zhang, G., Brown, P. & Ostrovski, O. (2008). Manganese furnace dust: Drying and reduction of zinc oxide by tar. Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ) International, 48 (7), 906-911.


Manganese furnace dust collected in smelting of manganese alloys is in the form of a slurry containing oxides of manganese, iron, zinc and other metals, and tar. Drying of manganese furnace dust and removing zinc from the dust are essential steps to recycle the dust to the smelting furnaces. This paper presents results of drying tests of manganese dust under different conditions and zinc removal from dried dust in sintering experiments. On the basis of drying tests, an empirical relationship correlating the moisture content and drying time with temperature and sample thickness was derived. The effects of sintering time, temperature, moisture content and thickness of a sample on zinc removal in sintering experiments have been established.

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