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Rujikiatkamjorn, C. & Indraratna, B. (2012). Radial consolidation modelling incorporating downdrag effect for a multi-layer soil. In N. Denies & H. Noël (Eds.), International Symposium on Ground Improvement (pp. II-201-II-210).


A system of vertical drains (PVDs) with preloading is a successful method for promoting horizontal drainage and accelerating soil consolidation. A piecewise technique is used to capture the radial consolidation in the multi-layer soil system to incorporate (a) the effect of soil downdrag and (b) smear zone where soil permeability varying linearly. The effect of soil dragged down from the upper soil layer into the lower layer has been analysed in terms of required time for consolidation. It can be seen that the consolidation of the multi layer soil depends on the interaction between 2 adjacent layer, penetration depth, and drain spacing. Design procedures are described with a worked out example.

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