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Sun, J. D., Qin, H., Lewis, R. A., Sun, Y. F., Zhang, X. Y., Cai, Y., Wu, D. M. & Zhang, B. S. (2012). Probing and modelling the localized self-mixing in a GaN/AlGaN field-effect terahertz detector. Applied Physics Letters, 100 (17), 173513-1-173513-4.


In our previous work, we inferred the existence of localized self-mixing in an antenna-coupled field-effect terahertz detector. In this Letter, we report a quasistatic self-mixing model taking into account the localized terahertz fields and its verification by comparing the simulated results with the experimental data in a two-dimensional space of the gate voltage and the drain/source bias. The model well describes the detector characteristics: not only the magnitude, but also the polarity, of the photocurrent can be tuned. The existence of strongly localized self-mixing in such detectors is confirmed.

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