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Shi, H., Naghdy, F. & Cook, C. D. (1992). 3-D object modelling and recognition using absorption in a colour liquid. Proceedings SPIE Applications of Digital Image Processing (pp. 77-86). United States: SPIE.


The application of computer vision in industry has been increasing as greater use is made of flexible automation and robotics. Quality control and sorting can also be heavily dependent on artificial vision interfaced to an intelligent decision making system. Traditionally industrial tasks requiring computer vision are simplified to a 2-D problem in a plane. This permits the use of a single camera and hence reduces the complexity of the procedures of frame grabbing, image processing and decision making. Such a solution is however not suitable when 3-D information is vital in the control or decision making processes. Generation and processing of 3-D images are required for such applications.

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SPIE Applications of Digital Image Processing

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