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He, X., Jiang, Z., Cook, C. David. & Liu, Y. (2010). Implementation and Application of a Real-Time Control System using Matlab/xPC. The 10th Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering Plasticity and Its Applications (pp. 165-170). Hackensack, New Jersey, USA: World Scientific.


A real-time control system for rolling mill control such as the Hille 100 experimental rolling mill was developed based on Matlab Simulink, Real-Time Workshop and xPC Target. The Host-Target PCs architecture for the control system was introduced, then the approach for the implementation of data acquisition, real-time control and the associated graphic user interface (GUI), were discussed in detail. Some limitations of the commercial software were also presented. The developed control system has been verified with Hille 100 rolling mill in laboratory, indicating the effective application in rolling mill control.

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