Robotic Drilling of Carbon Fibre



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Fernandes, M. A., Gower, S., DeBoer, F. & Cook, C. David. (2001). Robotic Drilling of Carbon Fibre. In J. Ellis-Scheer (Eds.), Proceedings of the ACUN-3 Intenration Composites Conference Technology Convergence in Composites Applications (pp. 278-283). Sydney, Australia: University of New South Wales.


This paper describes ongoing research in control of robotic drilling using carbon fiber composites. This work has been motivated by the aircraft industry where there is a significant interest in automating part of the production process to improve productivity and consistency. The requirements for robotic drilling as well as the problems inherent in drilling composites are addressed in this paper. Forces and moments produced during the drilling process are measured and analyzed in order to develop a suitable control technique.

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