Multi-terminal superconducting nonequilibrium device with a ferromagnetic screen



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Nevirkovets, I. P., Chernyashevskyy, O., Ketterson, J. B. and Pan, A. V. (2011). Multi-terminal superconducting nonequilibrium device with a ferromagnetic screen. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 21 (3), 721-723.


We have fabricated and characterized double-barrier multi-terminal superconducting transistor-like devices with the Nb/Al/AlOx/Al/Nb/Ni/Al/AlOx/Al/Nb (S1IS2FIS3) structure, where S, I, and F refer to superconducting, insulating, and ferromagnetic layers, respectively. A thin ferromagnetic Ni layer screens the superconductivity of the middle Nb layer on the injector-barrier side, so that the Nb/Ni bilayer manifests itself as a superconductor in the current-voltage characteristic (I-V curve) of the acceptor S1IS2 junction, but as a normal metal in the I-V curve of the injector S2FIS3 junction. It is shown that this property allows for considerable improvement of the input-output isolation of the quasiparticle-injection devices as compared with that for the formerly reported quiteron.

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