Microstructure and magnetorheology of graphite-based MR elastomers



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Tian, T. F., Li, W. H., Alici, G., Du, H. and Deng, Y. M. (2011). Microstructure and magnetorheology of graphite-based MR elastomers. Rheologica Acta: an international journal of rheology, 50 (9-10), 825-836.


This study focuses on the magnetorheology of graphite-based magnetorheological elastomers (Gr MREs). By introducing graphite to conventional MREs, the Gr MREs with various graphite weight fractions are fabricated. Both steady-state and dynamic tests were conducted to study rheological properties of the samples. For dynamic tests, the effects of magnetic field, strain amplitude and frequency on both storage modulus and loss modulus were measured. The influence of graphite weight fraction on mechanical performances of these samples was summarized. Also, the microstructures of isotropic and anisotropic Gr MREs were observed. In anisotropic MREs, the graphite powders disperse in matrix randomly. The graphite particles lead to an increment of initial mechanical properties and a decrement of the MR effect.

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