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Nemcik, J., Porter, I., Baafi, E. and Navin, J. (2011). Determining the ultimate strength of 'tough skin', a glass fibre reinforced polymer liner. 11th Underground Coal Operators' Conference (pp. 154-158). University of Wollongong & the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


Fully encapsulated roof bolts have been proven to confine the roof and rib strata actively, while steel mesh only provides passive support and protection from falling rocks as they dislodge from the roof. To provide better stability of the mine roadway skin, replacement of the steel mesh with a spray on polymer liner is being investigated. Among the many benefits that may be realised by the application of quick setting spray on polymer liners as skin support are an increase in development rates and improved safety for working personnel. Extensive testing of a range of available polymer formulations is currently being undertaken; this particular study is to determine how Thin Spray on Liners (TSL) behave in conditions encountered in underground coal mines and demonstrates their superior properties over steel mesh as an alternative form of roof skin support.

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