Increasing the flexural stiffness of FRP wrapped reinforced concrete columns



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Hadi, M. N. and Yazici, V. (2011). Increasing the flexural stiffness of FRP wrapped reinforced concrete columns. In S. Fragomeni, S. Venkatesan, N. Lam and S. Setunge (Eds.), Incorporating Sustainable Practice in Mechanics of Structures and Materials (pp. 161-165). Netherlands: CRC Press.


Axial load carrying capacity of reinforced concrete columns increase substantially after FRP wrapping. However, the same method also increases the lateral deformation capacity 61the columns especially under eccentric loads implying that secondary moments have to be considered when column are wrapped with FRP sheets under high level of axial loads. In this experimental study, six circular RC columns were cast and divided into two groups which were tested under 25 mm and 50 mm eccentric axial loads. Both groups had an unwrapped RC column, a three layers FRP wrapped column in the hoop direction, and a column which had discrete vertical FRP strips attached to its surface before a three layer of FRP wrapping in the hoop direction. The vertical FRP strips were observed to limit the introduced slenderness due to FRP wrapping in the hoop direction for both eccentricities.

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