Evaluation of seismic hazard parameters for Bangalore region in South India



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Vinod, J., Anbazhagan, P. and Sitharam, T. (2010). Evaluation of seismic hazard parameters for Bangalore region in South India. Disaster Advances, 3 (3), 5-13.


In this paper, seismic hazard parameters are evaluated and presented for Bangalore region following the different methods such as Gutenberg-Richter (G-R) recurrence relation and maximum likelihood procedure and data sets. The seismic data have been collected from various sources for area covering a radius of 350 km around Bangalore. A complete analysis has been carried out using the method as proposed by Stepp. From the analysis it was found that the seismic data is homogenous for the last four decades irrespective of magnitude. The value of seismic hazard parameter 'b' was estimated for complete data by using G-R relation. Completed data do not include the maximum reported magnitudes of 5 and above in this region. Hence b value has been evaluated by considering mixed data magnitude range of 3.5 to 6.2 and 4 to 6.2 using Gutenberg-Richter recurrence relation. In addition seismic hazard parameters such as, 'b' of the magnitude- frequency relationship, R the mean return period and Mmax maximum regional magnitude is evaluated based onmaximum likelihood procedure. It has been observed that the comparative analysis using complete and mixed data, gives comparable values. The 'b' values presented in this paper are higher than the earlier reported values.

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