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This article was originally published as Wroe, A, Rosenfeld, A, Reinhard, M, Pisacane, V, Ziegler, J, Nelson, M, Cucinotta, F, Zaider, M and Dicello, J, Solid State Microdosimetry With Heavy Ions for Space Applications, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 54(6), 2007, 2264-2271. Copyright 2007, IEEE.


This work provides information pertaining to the performance of Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) microdosimeters in heavy ion radiation fields. SOI microdosimeters have been previously tested in light ion radiation fields for both space and therapeutic applications, however their response has not been established in high energy, heavy ion radiation fields which are experienced in space. Irradiations were completed at the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory at BNL using 0.6 GeV/u Fe and 1.0 GeV/u Ti ions. Energy deposition and lineal energy spectra were obtained with this device at various depths within a Lucite phantom along the central axis of the beam. The response of which was compared with existing proportional counter data to assess the applicability of SOI microdosimeters to future deployments in space missions.

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