A study of the cross-sectional profile of flat rolled wire



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Kazeminezhad, M., Karimi Taheri, A. and Tieu, A. K. (2008). A study of the cross-sectional profile of flat rolled wire. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 200 325-330.


In this research the cross-sectional profile of flattened wires after flat rolling are calculated for different reductions. The empirical formulation, analytical formulation and numerical method have been used to predict the cross-sectional profile. Also, the theoretical results are compared with the experimental data. It has been found that the numerical method is able to predict the lateral spread, the width of contact area, and the curvature radius in all ranges of the reduction in height with a good accuracy, while the other methods exhibit a reasonable accuracy only for a limited range of height reduction. All results of the methods show that with increasing the reduction in height, the lateral spread and width of contact area are increased and the curvature radius is decreased. The appropriate ranges of height reductions for each method are recommended.

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