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Liaw, H., Oetomo, D., Shirinzadeh, B. and Alici, G. (2006). Robust motion tracking control of piezoelectric actuation systems. Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (pp. 1414-1419). USA: IEEE.


This paper proposes a robust control methodology for piezoelectric actuation systems to track specified motion trajectories. This is motivated by the search for an effective control strategy to deal with the problem of nonlinear behaviour in the piezoelectric actuation systems. The basic concept associated with this approach lies in the specification of a target performance and the formulation of a robust control scheme for the system to ensure the convergence of the position tracking error to zero in the presence of parametric uncertainties and hysteresis effect inclusive of other un-modelled disturbances. Stability of the control system is proven theoretically and the robust control methodology is demonstrated to possess a promising tracking ability through the control experiments. Implementation of the control law requires only a knowledge of the estimated parameters and their corresponding bounds as well as the bound of the hysteresis effect including disturbances. Being capable of handling uncertainties and disturbances, the robust control methodology is very attractive in the field of micro/nanomanipulation in which high-precision control applications could be realised.

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