Numerical modelling of soft ground improved with cement



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Liyanapathirana, D. Samanthika., Carter, J. and Liu, M. D. (2006). Numerical modelling of soft ground improved with cement. Ground Modification and Seismic Mitigation (pp. 37-45). USA: American Society of Civil Engineers.


This paper examines the undrained bearing capacity of shallow circular foundations on soft ground improved with cement by using a numerical model based on the finite element method. Guidelines are given to identify the importance of the degree of cementation for assessing the bearing capacity of foundations. Using a bearing capacity improvement factor, influence of the extent of the cemented region on bearing capacity has been investigated. Finally the performance of deep mixed cement columns has been investigated using the numerical model. The results indicate that there exists an optimum length to diameter ratio for the deep mixed cement columns and this value depends on the degree of cementation of the soil.

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