Behaviour of high strength concrete columns under eccentric loading



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Hadi, M. N. and Hara, T. (2005). Behaviour of high strength concrete columns under eccentric loading. In B. HV. Topping (Eds.), International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing (pp. 1-16). Kippen: Civil Comp Press.


With the increase in the strength of concrete, the ultimate strength of concrete columns shows the high load carrying capacities under axial compression. However, in general, a concrete shows low tensile strength coupled with high compressive strength. Therefore, a concrete column sometimes exhibits a brittle failure. Also, a column is subjected to an eccentric loading due to structural arrangements. In this case, the column is under combined bending and compression. To obtain a high ultimate strength and a ductile behavior of a concrete column under such loading conditions, it is important for concrete to resist both an axial load and an additional flexural compressive load. Such a problem plays an important role in the realisation of light weight and the economical structures.

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