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Kosasih, P. B., Tieu, A. K., Li, W. and Lu, C. (2005). The effects of oil concentration and droplet diameter in oil-in-water emulsion on strip rolling. Proceedings - 8th ICTP 2005 Italy: University of Padova DIMEG.


A numerical scheme, which allows tracking of the concentration process within both the inlet and wok zones, has been developed. The scheme allowed us to calculate the rolling pressure and friction associated with the process for different emulsion’s oil concentrations, and oil droplets diameter, ds. Hence the intertwined effect of A,ds, ds and rolling speed on strip rolling parameters could be analyzed. The result shows that rapid concentration, which occurs in the inlet zone, increases the emulsion’s oil concentration sharply. This process effectively transforms the oil into the continuous phase of the emulsion. The analysis of the results also suggests that it is possible to reduce the emulsion oil concentration without detrimental effects on the rolling process. The use of emulsion results in a slight increase in rolling force. Despite this less favorable outcome of using emulsion it is possible to control exit film thickness Ht2 with an appropriate combination of oil concentration level and droplet sizes.

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