A flying gauge change model in tandem cold strip mill



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Wang, J., Jiang, Z., Tieu, A. K., Liu, X. and Wang, G. (2008). A flying gauge change model in tandem cold strip mill. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 204 (1-3), 152-161.


The flying gauge change (FGC) model is an important control model for continuous tandem cold strip mill, which determines whether the welded strip with different gauges can be shifted stably during cold strip rolling. In the paper, a model has been developed successfully for satisfying the requirement of FGC control in tandem cold strip mill with the conditions of different strip gauges and tensions. An optimum model of the roll gap dynamic setup has been built up to compensate the influence of deviations between the setup values and the real values of strip thickness, and the effect of the deformation resistance of strip on the thickness accuracy. The practical application verifies that the optimum model of the FGC rolling meets the requirement of the rolled strip thickness accuracy and can improve the rolling stability.

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