The static yield stress of ferrofluid-based magnetorheological suspensions



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Yang, Y. B., Li, L., Chen, G. & Li, W. H. 2007, 'The static yield stress of ferrofluid-based magnetorheological suspensions', in F. Gordaninejad, O. A. Graeve, A. Fuchs & D. York (eds), Electrorheological Fluids And Magnetorheological Suspensions: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on ER Fluids and MR Suspensions (ERMR) 2006, World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd, Singapore, pp. 58-65.


The Ferrofluid-based magnetorheological suspensions (F-MRS) have been newly developed, in which ferrofluids were used as the carrier media, and microsized iron particles as the magnetic material. The advantageous properties of the F-MRS were presented by comparing with commercial mineral oil based MR suspension (M-MRS). Furthermore, the static yield stresses τsy of four F-MRS samples were measured in fixed shear rate method and step-increased strain method. The different behaviors under the two methods were analyzed. And finally the dependence of the static yield stress on the magnetic induction B and the sample weight fractions φ were summarized.

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