Patient journey modeling using integrated data structures in healthcare service operations



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Samaranayake, P. and Kiridena, S. (2011). Patient journey modeling using integrated data structures in healthcare service operations. 2011 IEEE Colloquium on Humanities, Science and Engineering, CHUSER 2011 (pp. 597-602). Australia: IEEE.


Improving patient flow and patient satisfaction have attracted considerable interest in recent years. Recognizing the need for taking a holistic approach to improving healthcare service operations, this paper presents an integrated framework for patient journey modeling from admission through to discharge. The proposed framework enhances the capability of service delivery systems to cope with the uncertainty associated with planning and scheduling of healthcare service operations towards achieving the desired patient flow and satisfaction levels. The patient journey model developed based on the unitary structuring technique is illustrated using a selected healthcare scenario, identifying the patient flow with process and data elements, as well as information flows. It is shown that integration of processes, data elements, information flows and relationships enables modeling of patient journey for improving patient flow and satisfaction through effective and efficient planning of healthcare logistics. This patient journey model can be implemented in an enterprise resource planning system environment, as a software tool, for monitoring patient flow in real-time.

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