Torsional carbon nanotube artificial muscles



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Foroughi, J., Spinks, G. M., Wallace, G. G., Oh, J., Kozlov, M. E., Fang, S., Mirfakhrai, T., Madden, J. D. W., Shin, M., Kim, S. and Baughman, R. H. (2011). Torsional carbon nanotube artificial muscles. Science, 334 (6055), 494-497.


Rotary motors of conventional design can be rather complex and are therefore difficult to miniaturize; previous carbon nanotube artificial muscles provide contraction and bending, but not rotation. We show that an electrolyte-filled twist-spun carbon nanotube yarn, much thinner than a human hair, functions as a torsional artificial muscle in a simple three-electrode electrochemical system, providing a reversible 15,000deg rotation and 590 revolutions per minute. A hydrostatic actuation mechanism, as seen in muscular hydrostats in nature, explains the simultaneous occurrence of lengthwise contraction and torsional rotation during the yarn volume increase caused by electrochemical double-layer charge injection. The use of a torsional yarn muscle as a mixer for a fluidic chip is demonstrated.

Grant Number

ARC/FF0669110, ARC/DP110101073

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