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Wang, J. L., Campbell, S. J., Cadogan, J. M., Studer, A., Zeng, R. and Dou, S. X. (2011). Neutron diffraction study of the magnetic order in NdMn2Ge1.6Si0.4. Joint European Magnetic Symposia, JEMS 2010 (pp. 1-6). Bristol, United Kingdom: Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd..


Here we report a detailed investigation of NdMn2Ge1.6Si0.4; this forms part of our investigation of the magnetic order across the NdMn2Ge2−xSix (x = 0–2.0) series by magnetometry, x-ray diffraction and neutron diffraction over the temperature range 6–465 K. On decreasing the temperature from 465 K, NdMn2Ge1.6Si0.4 exhibits four magnetic transitions: (i) from paramagnetism to intralayer antiferromagnetism AFl at TIntraN ~ 430 K; (ii) AFl to canted ferromagnetism Fmc at TInterC ~ 330 K; (iii) Fmc to conical magnetic ordering of the Mn sublattice Fmi at Tcc ~ 178 K and (iv) Fmi(Mn) to Fmi(Mn)+F(Nd) at TNdC ~ 72 K.

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