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Xie, H. B., Jiang, Z. Y., Wei, D. B. and Tieu, A. K. (2010). Study on edge crack propagation during cold rolling of thin strip by FEM. Numiform 2010 Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes (pp. 1320-1325). Melville, New York: American Institute of Physics. Conf. Proc. 1252


Edge crack is one common phenomenon in cold rolling of thin strip which affects qualities of the rolled strip. A three‐dimensional elastic‐plastic finite element (FE) model for cold flat product rolling has been developed to simulate the edge crack propagation during rolling. Stress field is investigated around the edge crack tip, and the effects of the friction coefficient, the initial crack size, reductions on crack propagation are analysed. The FE simulation provides a better understanding of the crack growth at the edge of thin strip, and could be helpful in developing of cold rolled strip with high performance mechanical properties. The optimum condition to eliminate defects is discussed, and the proposed prediction method of surface defect can be utilised to make defect free products in rolling processes.

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