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Hadi, M. N S. (2011). External einforcement of concrete columns. In N. Aziz, B. kininmonth, J. Nemcik and T. Ren (Eds.), 11th Underground Coal Operators' Conference (pp. 121-128). University of Wollongong


With the technology development on the compressive strength of concrete over the years, the use of high strength concrete has proved most popular in terms of economy, superior strength, stiffness and durability due to many advantages it could offer. However, strength and ductility are inversely proportional. High strength concrete is a brittle material causing failure to be quite sudden and ‘explosive’ under loads. It is also known that structural concrete columns concentrically compressed rarely occur in practice. The stress concentrations caused by the eccentric loading further reduce the strength and ductility of high strength concrete. Therefore, studies for high strength concrete columns under eccentric loading are essential for the practical use. A number of high strength concrete columns that are externally reinforced with galvanised steel straps and fibre reinforced polymers subjected to concentric and eccentric loading are experimentally investigated. The experimental results show that external reinforcement can enhance the properties of high strength concrete columns.

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